Air Traffic Services Applications

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Maintenance Management System

The MMS is integrated Maintenance Management Software designed to assist maintenance crews in their daily chores of providing maintenance support to the various system they are maintaining. This approach intends to eliminate the disparate software maintenance tools that does not "talk" nor share information with each other due to the absence of a common database.

New MMS Live

This option access the latest version of Live MMS application

New MMS Training

This option is to help users get familiarize with the MMS Application and is meant for training purposes only. The training system has its own set of database and will not affect the actual MMS application.

Kindly email us to request for an account. Only verified Clients will be entertained.

Device and Browser Compatibility

The newly revamped MMS is now fully HTML5 compliant. Fast, robust, intuitive and responsive. Users are now able to access the application in all devices whether its desktop PC, tablets or mobile phones. It just works regardless of the device's screen size. The MMS is the only application used by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia in keeping Inventory, Event Logging, Spares Tracking and filing of Dockets and System Withdrawals. It is compliant with DCA's requirements of a computerized MMS. Currently implemented in KLIA and Subang airports and DCA Malaysia Aviation Academy.

Other Online Application

ANFCLive Portal

The ANFCLive portal is a one-stop shop for Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia's Clients to view their bills and related aircraft movement reports. It also post news and announcements about ANFC and provide relevant information that is of interest to all their aviation partners.

CAAM Online Roster

CKNext's Online Roster is specifically built for CAAM. ATC crews are able to view their rosters online. While administrators has sole privilege to create and modify rosters.

CAAM Computer-based Training

CKNext's CBT is designed and built for CAAM requirements. ATC crews are able take practice test online without having to leave their workplace. A set of questionnaires were developed for specific subject matters.


CKNext's Automated Weather Station is highly recommended for both commercial and personal use. The company offers high quality and yet very affordable weather monitoring products.

CKNext AWSLive

CKNext's latest implementation of Automated Weather Station that has more features that fits to the budget. The only AWS in the market that is simple to implement and offers nearly maintenance-free operation.

CKNext ADS-B Live Tracks

CKNext's ADS-B Live aircraft tracking. This is real-time aircraft tracking via ADS-B technology.

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